“Just a girl whispering and swearing about stuff. Plenty of singing too!”

Hey there, I’m Becky. I’m a British content creator and artist. I make ASMR content on Youtube and Twitch, comedy, ASMR, and singing content on Tiktok, and I make brand themed merchandise and a variety of other products that you can buy, including physical and digital bespoke commissioned items.

For anyone who’s unfamiliar, ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response. It’s often described as a tingling, goosebump-like sensation, accompanied by a feeling of relaxation or sleepiness. Typically ASMR happens in response to higher frequency fricative like sounds, like rustling, static, tapping or clicking noises. It can also be triggered by visual or tactile stimulation (someone reaching out towards your face, or stroking your skin, or brushing your hair). But it’s not limited to the “triggers” mentioned here, because ASMR is an individual phenomenon and different things cause it for different people.

Dave the vampire devil

I began making ASMR content on Youtube in early 2020, and then expanded to live streams on Twitch in the summer, making ASMR, ASMR gaming, gaming, and cooking content. Twitch is where my brand mascot Dave came to fruition, he’s a little cartoon vampire devil. This is where the name “the Dave Brigade” came from. Because of Dave, and Brigade being a loose rhyme for it, and the fact that I have an army of friends and supporters from Twitch now (and now we can use an army beret as a membership symbol

Ghosty on the mic

Another character was also born out of a flannel and blanket draped over my microphone for making ASMR sound triggers- ghosty! They look a bit fuzzy pictured here because they’re only normally a few pixels wide, acting as emojis for my Twitch streams! But you can see clearer images of them in the shop because they’re available as metal cast badges!

My plans for the brand and the website are still in the works but expect to see Twitch merchandise, ASMR “trigger” products, sleep aid products- including musical and meditation audio track products, and sensory items, maybe more!

I can’t wait to show everything I’m working on!